Sick Note Fit Note Requests

Please read these notes before ordering a sick/fit note

  1. Sick notes take 2 working days to process
  2. Sick notes will be posted out to patients 
  3. Patients wishing to collect the note in person will still have to wait the minimum processing time of 2 working days but dont have to wait for the postal services. Please state this on the online form that you will be collecting.
  4. Notes WILL NOT BE EMAILED TO PATIENTS. Even though the online form asks for an email and the screen prompts ask for an email address we dont have the facility or resources to email each and every patient a copy of their sick note. Please feel free to leave the email address question blank. We are looking into if the form can be updated but the above explanation we hope provides clarity.  Please kindly don't ask our staff if they have time to scan over a copy and email it over to you as they have been intsructed not to.

Hopefully this helps explain the process and to continue requesting your sick/fit note please click the link below.

Request a sick/fit note

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