Home Visit Requests

Definition of Housebound

A patient is considered 'housebound' if confined to one room of house by nature of illness often with carers attending numerous times throughout the day.

The General rule is that if a patient is fit enough to visit an optician, dentist, friend, relative, do their own shopping or attend the hair dresser, they can come to surgery.

Please note lack of transport is not a reason for a home visit request and the GP will decide if a home visit is required based on medical need.

Home Visits are only available for patients who are housebound because of illness or disability.

How to request a home visit

If requesting a home visit please call before 10:30am, the reception staff will ask you for a phone number and details of your request.

It is very important that you give the receptionist a brief and specific reason for the home visit request.

Your home visit request will be considered and appropriate advice and/or a home visit/remote consultation will be organised in a time frame suitable to the medical need.

Please note that home visit requests will be prioritised based on medical need and there are often multiple home visit requests so an exact time for a home visit cannot be given.

If a home visit is considered appropriate you will be visited by a Clinician not necessarily a GP.

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