POD (Prescription Ordering Direct) Is now live

Please call POD on 01952 580350 (9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday) for prescription requests

The NHS Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) service is the easy way for you to order your repeat prescription.

All it takes is a simple phone call which you can make from the comfort of your own home – there’s no need to go into your GP practice or pharmacy.

Repeat Prescriptions are ready to collect TWO full working days after requesting your medication. Sometimes we may need to speak to you first before issuing a prescription for example if your require a blood test (described below).

Please note that requests may take longer over the holiday periods of Easter, Christmas and New Year.

Prescriptions can be requested in the following ways

  1. Call Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) - A new and convenient way to order your medication on 01952 580350.
  2. Online via your 'Patient Access' account (registration required to create an account). Please ask at reception for details.
  3. Use the B side of you prescription, tick the items you are requesting. If the item you require is not on repeat please write this on to the bottom of the B Side. Your pharmacy will provide your B side for you if needed.

    Please note when the surgery is closed there is a letter box outside provided to place your prescription request in.

  4. Posting your request along with a stamped addressed envelope and we will post your prescription back to you.

The Practice do not take medication requests over the telephone due the Prescription Ordering Direct (P.O.D) team offering this service to our patients.

If you should require an early request or a larger quantity of medication due to Holidays etc, the POD can organise this for you or alternatively the request should be clearly marked on your B Side and a reason given for the early request. We will try our best to accommodate this request.

PLEASE NOTE: Blood tests may need to be organised before the doctor can issue more medications.

For certain groups of medications including blood pressure tablets or medications used in arthritis it is very important for the patient to have regular blood tests to ensure blood counts are safe and kidney functions are maintained.

For this reason when you request a prescription, the doctor may ask the reception staff to contact you to inform you of the need for a blood test.

The doctor will be happy to issue the prescription for you once the doctor is sure that the message has been passed onto you to have these important blood tests.

In this situation we will try our best not to delay your prescription and we hope you understand the safety reason behind this process

Please note that all medication is issued at Doctor’s discretion.

Medication Reviews

Medication reviews can be requested by phone or presenting at reception. You will be provided with a medication review questionnaire to complete which will start the process. We will put a link to this form here very soon.

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