Adult Seasonal Flu Vaccinations

We recommend an influenza vaccination for the over 65s and patients with chronic illnesses, such as bronchitis, diabetes, asthma or heart failure.


Appointments are each Tuesday and Friday for any blood tests or you can access the walk in service at PRH.

Our Treatment room offer a wide range of clinics including:


Our Nurses offer a range of dressings appointments, including staple and stitch removal, simple wound dressings and complex management of chronic wounds including compression dressings.

Diagnostic investigations

Offered by the treatment room include spirometry and reversibility, BP clinics, 24 hr BP monitoring, ABPI (Doppler) measurements, ECGs, urinalysis and vaginal swabs.

Childhood Immunisations

Although appointments are arranged centrally, there is open access to accommodate any child who has missed a vaccination. Please book an appointment with a practice nurse.

Long Term Health Conditions Care

We offer appointments to co-ordinate the management of care for people with many long term conditions such as diabetes, Asthma and COPD, to monitor the progress and improve the effectiveness of treatment at all ages. These are with a variety of clinicians and often led by our treatment room Nursing team.

Pneumococcal vaccine

If you are aged 65 years or older, or have a long term health condition, you may be eligible for the pneumococcal vaccine. This often is a one off injection that offers lifelong protection.

Ask at reception about your pneumococcal vaccine and to arrange an appointment with our treatment room team.

Shingles Vaccination

The shingles vaccine is available on the NHS for people aged 70 and 78 on 1 September 2016

The shingles vaccine is not available on the NHS if you are aged 80 or over.

B12/other injection clinics

Please ask at reception for appointments for injections such as tetanus/whooping cough/ Prostap or Zoladex/B12 injections

Immunisation For Foreign Travel


 Unfortunately there is currently a global shortage of hepatitis A vaccine which is now affecting the UK. The Department of Health and Public Health England have put in place measures so that the NHS and other providers can vaccinate those at highest risk. However, this does mean that as a GP provider we will be no longer able to order Adult Vaccinations until at least early 2018.

Unfortunately there is currently a global shortage of hepatitis B vaccine which is now affecting the UK. The Department of Health and Public Health England have put in place measures so that the NHS and other providers can vaccinate those at highest risk. However, this does mean that as a GP provider we will be no longer able to order Adult Vaccinations until at least early 2018.

Immunisations and advice are available by appointment at the travel clinic. Please ask at reception for the relevant 'Foreign Travel Form'.

You may find it helpful to look at the following prior to booking your appointment as this website will give you lots of information and help you to make the most out of your travel appointment and be prepared for your trip. Not all travel immunisations are available free on the nhs, some do incur a charge.

Please ensure you book well in advance to ensure you have an adequate timeframe prior to travel to receive all the immunisations you require/would like. We suggest this would be at least 6 weeks prior to your planned travel date, as some immunisations are not stock items and need to be ordered, the supply of these can de dependant on national availabity.

Smear Clinics

Cervical Smears - all women between the ages of 25 and 65 and all sexually active women of any age are advised to have regular smears. By detecting pre-cancerous changes on the cervix, a smear will allow a woman to be treated before cancer develops. You can make an appointment for a smear with a practice nurse.

Stop Smoking

If you are thinking of quitting smoking:

The Healthy Lifestyles Team are running clinics at Morrisons, Wellington and vaious other pharmacies, Gp practices and community venues across the borough.

NHS Health Checks

Many people are at risk of developing preventable diseases such as  heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or kidney disease. An NHS Health Check is a free check of your vascular health and will assess your personal risk of developing one of these conditions, and can offer you advice and support to reduce your risk.

If you are aged 40 to 74 and you do not suffer from any of these conditions you may be invited to attend for an NHS Health Check.

However, you do not need to wait for an invitation you can contact reception and they will be able to arrange your appointment as long as you are eligible for the check.

Minor Surgery

Our ANP offers a minor op service where small lumps and bumps can be removed under local anaesthetic. These Clinics are run approx. monthly, please ask at reception for more details. We may need to review the lesion to be removed prior to this appointment to ensure this is appropriate to be removed in house.


Verrucas, warts and small skin tags can be treated in the surgery with liquid nitrogen. These clinics are run regularly – please ask at reception for further details, again we may need to review the lesion prior to appointment to ensure this an appropriate treatment.

Contraceptive Services

We offer a range of contraception services. These include contraception initiation appointment with our ANP/NPs, continuing contraception clinics with our PNs. Our ANP Patsy also offers a coil and implant removal and fitting service. If you would like an implant fitted or removal please ask at reception to book into clinic. Please ensure that you use an alternative contraception effectively until this appointment. If you are interested in a coil please ask at reception, who will arrange a short telephone consultation with Patsy to discuss this further and arrange a clinic appointment.

Have a look at the choices you have with contraception with this online decision tool

Emergency contraception is available via a phone consult with a GP or over the counter at a pharmacy.

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